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Many new domain options have been added
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-> Super discounts on domain registration
.mobi - $21.00 10.50*/year     .me - $23.95 11.50*/year     .info - $11.50 5.75*/year
.co - $29.95 19.95*/year     .tv - $48.95 35.95**/year     .tc, .vg, and .gd - $57.95 47.95*/year

* new 1 year registrations only         ** register/renew/transfer - 1 to 10 yearsuntil March 31, 2013

-> New LOWER prices on many TLDs
.com - $11.50 now 10.45!/year     .net - $11.50 now 8.45!/year     .org - $11.50 now 10.45!/year
.us - $11.50 now 8.75!/year     .ca - $16.95 now 15.25!/year     .biz - $11.50 now 9.95!/year
.name - $11.50 now 9.45!/year     .bz - $29.95 now 20.95!/year     .eu - $14.50 now 9.75!/year
.la - $58.95 now 32.95!/year     .pro - $21.95 now 14.95!/year     .pro subdomains - $229.85 now 179.00!/year
.nz subdomains - $72.50 now 24.95!/year     .ag subdomains - $72.50 now 62.00!/year
! NEW PRICES registration/renewal/transfer

Easy Domain Registration spacer Easy to register
- simple ordering system

Easy to manage
- web-based management

Free privacy option
- keep your address private

Very affordable
- .com .net .org .us .biz .info - $10.45/year
      (or less)
    (free with most hosting packages)


If you would like to have your own domain name, be notified of changes to any domain name records, find an available domain name for your website, or get whois details for a domain, it can all be done here.

You also get fast and friendly customer service when you need it

What is a domain name?
If domain names are new to you, or you're not sure how they work, or how to work them, click here.


With our domain registration services, you get:

  • easy web-based DNS record control
  • whois privacy option at no extra charge
  • free technical assistance
  • competitive prices

To see if a domain you want is available or not, or to find out who owns a domain, try our whois search.

With our domain monitoring services, you can:

  • monitor your own domain for safety
  • know if any changes are made to your domain instantly
  • watch other domains that have expired
  • know the moment a domain name is released
  • even back-order an expired domain

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